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Good job I wish I can hear you live


I just sent you an e-mail but I wanted to make sure I had the right address! Your songs are awesome. I am so impressed.

Love, Meg

Hey there Maura. Great sound. I enjoyed chatting with you earlier. I figured that if I didn't take a listen to your work right away.... you need to put out a CD.
gregoryryan.net Gregory

Dear Maura,

Fred and I were chatting last night about kids we'd had in school who had performing talent. Your name came up. So we decided to google you and lo and behold, there you were. You have a terrific sound. We really loved your songs and arrnagement. "The Bottle" was one of our favorites. One thing that struck us immediately was that we could understand all the words!!! So many artists keep them to themselves. All you hear is a melodic mumble! We'll keep checking your website for performances. We sometimes visit friends in NYC and would love to catch one of your shows. Best of Luck.

Janice and Fred

Hi Maura you crazy girl!!!<br />

I'm enjoying following your progress in live and love!!<br />

Much love to you! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

I'm listening to you now . I just love your music. BEAUTIFUL
xo beth

Blast from your past!

I would love to get a copy of your CD when it releases - how will I know? Love your style and, of course, you.

Hi Maura! I am on-line for the first time in a while and finally got to check out your website! I love your music!!!!! Your voice sounds so rich and amazing! I want to come see you perfuorm in NYC or at least come say hi this fall. Love, Brynn

Hey Maura,
Sorry it's taken so long for me to contact you, I've been completely swamped lately. Anyway, I'd love to book you for a show sometime in September. How does friday September 7th or September 21st work for you?
Talk to you soon. Hope everything's good with you,

-Zack Dinerstein
Spike Hill Booking
(315) 794-6037