Raised beneath the tall pine and maple trees of the New Hampshire forest, Maura began playing piano and singing at a very young age. Surrounded by art and natural inspiration, she developed a unique musical style, drawing from Blues and Southern Rock greats. She is profoundly influenced by the music of Bonnie Raitt, The Allman Brothers, and Billie Holiday among many others. After years of studying piano and classical voice technique, she paired her natural talent as a poet and songwriter with her powerful voice and love of performance.

While at college in Florida, she met and played with many other artists and musicians, and from there moved to New York City with a large group of friends and collaborators. Maura began playing out at several top NYC venues with visionary guitarist Kenji Shinagawa and composer/arranger Sam Howard on bass. After performing and recording several arranged cover songs, Maura began writing and co-writing original music for the band. The group has benefited greatly from the addition of keyboardist Brian Robertson and Chris Smith on drums.